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The Astonishingly Beautiful Women of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Posted by Mr. Thoughtful on August 12, 2008

A friend of mine grew up in Lithuania, one of the three republics on the coast of the Baltic Sea (the others are Latvia and Estonia).  He came here with his family when he was a child.  He still has a great many relatives in Lithuania. 

One of his cousins came to the US for a month-long vacation, visiting New York City, Chicago, Disney World, and several other places in the US.  After his return to Lithuania he was walking down the street with a friend.  After awhile the friend remarked, “You’re acting like you’ve never seen a woman before.”  He replied, “You don’t understand.  I’ve been in the United States for the last month and I didn’t see nearly as many beautiful women as I do on the streets here.”

I’ve been to New York City, Chicago, and Disney World.  I’d say there are a lot of beautiful women in all three places (especially parts of New York City; there does seem to be a strong connection between beautiful women and money).  It really says something if Vilnius, a city of only 600,000 – 800,000, can compete successfully with these places.

A friend of mine has visited Riga, the capital city of Latvia.  He told me that he passed beautiful women on every block.  I’ve read elsewhere that Estonia also has a huge number of beautiful women. 

Why do these three Baltic nations have such an array of gorgeous women?  And more important, how much does a plane ticket cost? 

I’m back.  Expedia shows a round-trip ticket to Riga costs well over $1,000.

If you believe the travel magazines eco-tourism is growing increasingly popular.  I’m guessing that reading magazine articles about eco-tourism is way, way more popular than actual eco-tourism.  It’s one of those things that sounds a lot more fun than it would actually be.  For every hour spent looking at a beautiful pristine view in a remote rainforest, you’ll spend 28 hours fighting mosquitoes and hoping your anti-malaria meds really do work so you don’t end up sweating the moisture from your body in tropic heat, wondering how you’re going to get the energy to bicycle back to civilization so you can fly home and stay in airconditioned comfort.

But I digress.  The subject at hand is beautiful women, specifically their presence in the three Baltic republics.  I do not understand why US guys aren’t doing online dating with women there and planning their vacations there so they can meet these women.  I know a trip there isn’t cheap, but it would cost less than twenty dinner dates with women in the US. 

Which would you prefer: a relationship with any of the 20 women you meet here in the US or one with a woman you’re likely to meet in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia.  It isn’t only their looks that give these women a huge advantage over US women.  It’s the culture of the two countries.  Women here have grown up in the Oprah-fried culture of the US.  Most of them are thinking, “What have you done for me lately?” (see Eddie Murphy’s hilarious bit on this from “Delirious”).

So what are you waiting for?  Stop reading our site, get your credit card, and book your flight to Riga.  And search for Latvian/Lithuanian/Estonian dating sites.

20 Responses to “The Astonishingly Beautiful Women of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia”

  1. Jeff Goldman said

    There are two reasons why Lithuanian women are more beautiful than American ones: they are white, and they are not as fat.

    • Liv Siegner said

      There are also many reasons why all of these comments are so ignorant:
      -generalized disrespect for women, a typical male trait worldwide
      -the men assume that they are desired by the women. Hardly. I’m sure the women will choose
      men that will benefit them as much as the men are doing.
      -there are just as many ugly fat men as there are fat women
      -i have been to Latvia and I am Latvian and the girls have slender bodies, large tits, and legs with thick calves even when the rest of the leg is skinny. some have nice blue eyes but they are not really kind eyes, they are intelligent eyes, savvy eyes. the faces…. nothing special, find just as many barbies, made-up dolls, and selfish pampered little girls everywhere.
      -treating someone with respect is always the right way to go, then you can respect yourself
      -beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      -marriage is the same everywhere, every man thinks women are little peons that will fulfil their fairy tale. Whatever happened to the white knight who must court a lady to gain her favour, not simply expect that he deserves her?
      and on and on…..
      male bravado is SO boring. unlucky in love, I guess, because they don’t look to the heart and the soul of a person, instead they are just useless, typical, extraneous males that should not procreate to begin with.

  2. Mr. Practical said

    As your friend that visited Riga, let me just say: there is no way to over-emphasize how many stunning women there are in Latvia. It is a night-and-day difference from the US.

    No wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re lazy fat pigs. Half of our women ARE.

  3. Mr. Thoughtful said

    Only half?

  4. […] came across the blog unfilteredminds.wordpress.com. There was an article – The Astonishingly Beautiful Women of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia: A friend of mine grew up in Lithuania, one of the three republics on the coast of the Baltic Sea […]

  5. Diāna said

    Hello boys. :)
    Im from Latvia, and i think every women is beautiful!
    If she not beautiful outwardly, than inwardly. ;)

    And if you want send me e – mail my e-mail is – dincen2@inbox.lv
    skype – fii_bii ;)

  6. kriitinjsh said

    Im from Latvia also, and am thinking same as Diāna.

    Our women are cute, but the best in them is the soul, love and understanding.

    I dont think bad about americans, but my english tecaher, who born in America, told me that most of all marriages are because of money.

    Baltics are best. We are small, but strong!

  7. NaturalBornKiller said

    Whoo-hoo.. *yawning* really this is so amazing bullshit. I have been almost in all mid-european countries + in each baltic ones. Never in US though, unfortunately (I’m from europe myself). I can say with very honest heart – if you keep Lithuanian, Estonian or Latvian women and girls so very stunning – in that case there must be something pretty much horribly wrong with your land ladies, men.. there women dress fashionably yea, but almost ONLY in capital areas. They sure are slimmer than average yankee, even every stat shows that fact (except Lithuania which had almost 50% overweighted people of it’s popula). But about beautiness.. well =) I can imagine that some mocca-faces think like this, indeed. Indians, Italians, Spanish (with all do respect guys :’D ) but as wrong as can be the impression of ‘beauty, stunning women of allmighty Russia’ as wrong it is in these countries. Complete 100% bullshit. Believe you me. If you seek tons of mask, powder, mascaras, glitter, fake jewellery, pirate DG bags and what ever there can be -> go there. But this has absolutely nothing to do with real beautiness. I suggest you: go there and see you self. But but… be aware of gold diggers (there are plenty ;)

    • koala said

      Well, I can guess that you – NaturalBornKiller have only visited night-clubs and strip-bars. Then you get what you seek for – tons of mask, powder, mascaras, glitter, fake jewellery, pirate DG bags, fishnet stockings and so on.
      Gold-diggers like to visit night clubs.

      Not all women in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are like that.

  8. newhus said

    I have been to estonia and latvia. Spent my entire life in NY and California. The title of this little article is completely true. And once you get past the fishnet stockings, lipstick and incredible bodies, and faces that will have you falling in love at first sight (and I’m not talking “cute” but genuinely beautiful), you find out that the same girls are so amazingly down to earth, worldly, cultured, strong, and plain cool that you will never date another spoiled, needy, graceless, low-self-esteemed and impossible American woman.

    • Graham said

      QUOTE> you find out that the same girls are so amazingly down to earth, worldly, cultured, strong, and plain cool that you will never date another spoiled, needy, graceless, low-self-esteemed and impossible American woman.<

      I met a woman from Lithuania and she proves the truth of this statement…WAY better than any North American woman, down to earth wonderful culture and behaviour..I just LOVE HER

  9. unknown poet said

    Do Latvia women like poetry?

  10. KG said

    I can’t believe you are just looking as far as the beauty….
    These Baltic women think only of finding a well-off man, and marrying them for what they can get…which is usually a US or UK passport, and your MONEY!
    I am speaking from experience….a friend of mine has just left his lovely wife and two kids to be with a Lithuanian girl half his age. He thinks he has hit the jackpot, but all I see beneath her veneer is a controlling, jealous gold digger. It will end in tears.
    Steer clear, boys!

  11. 123 said

    well then dont spoil them with your ugly genes

  12. Joseph said

    I work with a wonderfully brilliant Latvian young lady that is an ambassador to her country. She

  13. Joseph said

    I work with a wonderfully brilliant Latvian young lady that is an ambassador to her country. She is a fashionable goddess with personality and authenticity that is few and far between. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known her.

  14. Shar said

    I live near a college in the UK, and there are no shortage of attractive, slender, fashionably-dressed students coming in and out of the gates. I would imagine that is true of the young around the UK.
    The Baltic women, I have read around the Net, use their beauty to grab themselves a well-off husband….even if he is still the husband of someone else! My friend’s husband has done just that – run off with a scheming Lithuanian girl half his age, who looked at his flash car and nice clothes, and decided she wanted him for herself. Since then, I have read in a few forums that this is not a one-off.
    So beware, boys…. looks arn’t everything.

  15. LOL said

    LOL .. all I have to say for below standard nonsense waste of time topics like this one =* ciao! :D

  16. Jonathan said

    This is laughable! Baltic women are famous for gold-digging and being cheap and vulgar! They are PLASTERED with makeup, very uncultured, too poor for a decent education, and cold bitches who are just looking for wealthy husbands in Western Europe. BAD NEWS BALTIC WOMEN – cheap and common!

  17. Rafael said

    Well yes Lithuania is a country where you can find almost all as superstars just in the streets, who feel like nothing special, becouse there are a lot I SAY A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL women, and you need time when you get used to that, becouse beautiful ladies are everywhere it is hard to choose ONE :D you can see http://www.olialia. lt webpage and you will see how much beauties there are in such a small country

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